Evolutions 2024 Lineup

– 2024 General  Information Below –

Venue Location:

  • Town and State: Afton, New York
  • Venue: Echo Lake Resort
  • Address: 185 Echo Lake Lane, Afton, NY, 13730


  • Sept 5th: attendee early arrival (beginning at 1:00pm)
  • Sept 6th, 7th, and 8th: festival days (beginning at 8:00am)
  • Sept 9th: attendee loadout

Festival will be held in rain or shine. Be prepared for all weather and temperatures! Check “What to Bring List”. Be geared up and ready-to-rock.

Load In Procedure:

Early Arrival:

Early arrival pass holders will be permitted on site beginning at 1:00pm on Sept 5th and ending at 10:00pm on Sept 5th. Please do not arrive outside of these hours expecting to get into the venue; if you do, you must wait until the gate opens in the morning the following day.

General Admission Arrival:

The gate will be allowing attendees on site between the hours of 9:00am and 10:00pm each day of Evolutions. Please do not arrive outside of these hours expecting to get into the venue; if you do, you must wait until the gate opens in the morning the following day.


Upon arriving at Evolutions, attendees will go through the following procedures:


1). Wristbands and ID Checkpoint

  • Have state ID and admission ticket at the ready. If being shown on a device, have the brightness turned up to max. Pro-tip, have the entire document saved to your phone as a screen shot so that you do not need service to present your ticket to be scanned. Service will be poor on site.
  • If someone in your party purchased your ticket for you, you MUST be in the vehicle with them upon arrival.
  • Once cleared through the ID checkpoint and wristbands are obtained, you will be directed by event staff to the security checkpoint. Evolutions wristbands must be worn at all times and will be void if tampered with, torn, or removed.

2). Security Check Point

  • By entering the venue, you consent to a search of yourself and your possessions (i.e. your car, person, packs, bags, coolers, etc) in order to keep all attendees and staff safe.
  • A search for prohibited, dangerous, or illegal items will be carried out by event security upon entering the venue. A thorough search may be conducted at securities discretion if needed. In an instance where this occurs, the occupants in the vehicle will be asked to exit the vehicle and stand nearby while the thorough search is conducted. If an attendee is found to be carrying on their person, or transporting with their vehicle, prohibited, dangerous, or illegal items, they may be refused entry to the festival.
    • Note: If an attendee is already on venue at any point during the festival and found with such items, the attendee may be (depending on the severity of the item) escorted off property with no re-entry allowed till after the festival is over to gather their belongings.

3). Arriving at Camp

  • Once successfully through the ID and security checkpoints with wristbands, you will be guided by event parking staff to arrive at your camping location.
  • With that, it’s time to setup camp and have fun! You’re about o have so much fun : ) Also, remember to bring campsite decorations!

What To Bring:

If you’ve been to an Evolutions, then you know to bring your gear. We want everyone to be as cozy as they can be when they are out and about at the festival as well as going to sleep. Quick list of suggested items to bring:

  • Functional Tent
  • Tent Rain Fly
  • Rain Jacket
  • Boots (best case: water proof)
  • Paracord
  • Ear plugs
  • Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Extra Blankets, Pillows
  • Easy-Up Canopy
  • Hammocks! The woods scene is all about the tree life.
  • Decorations for your site! We’d love for you to bring decorations for your Evolutions base camp. Attendee additions are a wonderful contribution to the event. Remember, all decorations must be taken with you at the end of the event.
  • Head Lamp (with extra batteries or with car charger is best)
  • Camping Chairs
  • Toiletries:  Toothpaste and Toothbrush, Contacts, Body wash, Deodorant, Floss, etc
  • Cooler with ice (or dry ice) for food or water
  • Plenty of drinking water

Alcohol Policy:

  • If alcohol is present in the vehicle upon load-in, ownership of the alcohol (meaning the owner’s ID) must be presented to Evolutions security/staff. ID of the owner must be 21 years of age or older.
  • No glass or hard liquor allowed.
  • Each attendee may bring the following:
    • 30-pack of 12oz Beers OR 2 sealed boxes of wine (1.5 L or less)

General Questions:

  • How do we get our tickets?
    • Digital tickets are provided through the Ticketing co once purchased.
  • When are wristbands received?
    • Evolutions wristbands are provided at the gate upon arrival with ID verification.
  • Do I have to print out my ticket and have it in hand upon arrival?
    • Although that is always a good idea, it’s probably not necessary. A screen shot of your ticket with scan code and name will suffice. Once your code is scanned, you are given a wristband and your entry is recorded; after that, your ticket becomes invalid. Save your ticket on your phone so that you do not need service to produce your ticket.
  • What are acceptable forms of ID?
    • State drivers license, state non-drivers ID card, or a US passport.
  • May I cancel my order or get a refund for my tickets?
    • Sorry, there are no refunds.
  • What is the age requirement to attend this event?
    • This event is an 18+ event.
  • Will there be ATM’s on site?
    • Yes! There will be ATM’s at Evolutions.
  • What if there is rain or snow during the festival?
    • Evolutions is a rain or shine event. Check out the “What to Bring” section but we hope you know what to bring to be comfortable in uncomfortable outdoor weather.
  • Will there be first-aid available?
    • Most definitely; there will be medical teams available at all hours of the festival. They may be found doing rounds on foot throughout the festival grounds or in the Medical Tent. Medical team members will be easily identifiable in case of emergency.
  • Where am I going to car camp?
    • Attendees will be directed by Evolutions Staff for where to park/camp. All camping spots are in grass and wooded locations. The grounds map will show the layout of the venue.
  • Is there re-entry to the venue?
    • Yes! You may leave whenever you’d like. The vehicle and driver will be checked prior to departing the venue site. When returning, the vehicle must go through the security checkpoint again. Also, you will only be able to return when the gate is open between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm.
  • Are there showers?
    • TBA
  • What may I expect for bathrooms when I arrive?
    • Porter Units
  • Will food and beverages be available for purchase on venue?
    • Yes, food will be available for purchase through some wonderful food vendors.
  • Will there be a bar serving alcohol?
    • Yes! We will have a bar serving to those 21+ with valid ID.
  • Will water be available?
    • Yes! Water will be freely available to attendees but still plan on bringing personal water for your camp (always when attending a festival). Stay hydrated!
  • Are there going to be craft and ware vendors?
    • Absolutely! Bring cash and have those Venmo, Cash App, and Pay Pal accounts ready to go.
  • Can I have an open fire?
    • Yes, there will be multiple fire sites throughout the grounds in designated official event locations. Each campsite may have its own campfire so long as it is well contained in a stone or metal perimeter and is not let unattended.
  • Am I allowed to cook food on the fire and/or grill?
    • Of course! However, for grilling you are not allowed to bring propane canisters larger than 16oz camping propane.
  • Is power provided to tents?
    • No, line power isn’t readily available. Please be prepared to use your cars power when needed and have 12v converters at the ready to charge phones, batteries, etc.
  •  Are bicycles allowed?
    • Yes, bicycles (both pedal and electric) are allowed under the following conditions:
      • Visibility and Lighting: Ensure there are lights on the front and the back so that the bike that face DOWN TO THE GROUND. This is for the rider to be visible from the front and the back by both attendees on foot and staff UTV’s. Bikes must also have a low powered “headlight” so the rider may safely see but it must not blind oncoming attendees or staff. Bikes without lights are not permitted to be in motion at night.
      • Security: Please make sure you lock the bike (and remove the key if applicable) so nobody goes on a joyride with it. When securing the bike, make sure it is not in any attendee traffic points and is well off to the side and out of the way.
      • Behavior: There will be no erratic or troublesome riding. Riding must be safe and slow at all times (5 mph max); Evolutions is putting faith in our community that we are all responsible individuals capable of following these rules and that we all want to have a safe/fun environment for each other. Any riders seen not being safe or cautious will result in the bike being safely held by Evolutions festival until the event is over, at which point the bike will be returned to the owner (depending on how cool it is, we might want to keep it 😉

Prohibited Items:

  • Bolt Cutters
  • Power tools
  • No Firearms
  • No Fireworks
  • No Generators
  • No Gas or Electric Dirt Bikes or ATV’s
  • No Glass
  • No Hard Liquor
  • No Kegs
  • No Laser pens or similar focused light device
  • No Pocket Knives or Leatherman’s
  • No animals of any kind.  *Service animals with proper vests and credentials are allowed* Additionally, information must be approved through emailing 845vibrations@gmail.com prior to arriving at Evolutions with an animal.
  • No Weapons
  • Any other items deemed as annoying or posing a threat to the safe enjoyment of the patrons (at the discretion of security)

Fire Spinning Policy:

GA Fire Spinning

There will be ONE safety meeting for attendees per day who would like to spin during the burns at Evolutions. Attending this meeting is REQUIRED if you want to spin during the GA fire circle. You will not be allowed to spin until you’ve signed the waiver and have received a wrist band or have your name on a list clearing you to spin. We can’t wait to play and flow with you all. The fire scene is going to be hott.

Covid Policy:

What Covid policies will be implemented for the event?

Although Covid conditions are variable, there is an ever-increasing vaccinated population; Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What it comes down to is that we will follow NYS and CDC law directives as related to Covid safety. Currently, vaccinations and masks are not required for entry. More information will be updated here as the festival approaches.

All Evolutions attendees agree to the following upon entry:

  • Within the prior 14 days, they have not tested positive for (or been exposed to), someone who has tested positive for Covid.
  • Within the prior 48 hours, they have not experienced symptoms of Covid (e.g., a fever of 99.6⁰F or higher, fatigue, cough, repeated shaking, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, muscle pain/aches, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, nasal congestion,  or any other symptoms associated with Covid identified by the CDC).
  • That you, the attendee, understands and accepts that you are entering an outdoor open-air public place where people are present and that such a location inherently has the risk of exposure to Covid regardless of precautions set forth by any parties. By entering the festival grounds, you (the attendee) voluntarily assume the risks associated with exposure to Covid.

Code of Conduct:

Evolutions is a safe, respectful, inclusive, and fun environment for everyone. This Code of Conduct applies to all at the venue.  Guests, staff, volunteers, and vendors will be held to the same standards. We reserve the right to remove or ban any person who does not adhere to the Code of Conduct.

845 Vibrations does not tolerate harassment of any kind, including:

  • Intimidation or threats
  • Inappropriate disruption of events
  • Hurtful language
  • Physical assault of any type
  • Inappropriate physical contact
  • Unwanted sexual attention
  • Unwanted photography or video recording
  • Bullying or stalking
  • Aggression

Especially in connection to:

  • Race or ethnicity
  • National origin
  • Gender identity or presentation
  • Sex or sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Disability, medical condition or pregnancy
  • Religion
  • Citizenship status


  • If you are asked to stop any harassing behavior, STOP immediately. Seriously.
  • If you experience or witness any form of harassment, please contact the nearest Evolutions Staff or Volunteer to address the situation.
  • If you feel unsafe in your immediate situation, alert our staff and move to a safe location.

We will address the situation immediately by removing the harasser or taking similar necessary action. 845 Vibrations may also contact local police if there is a critical safety issue. Stay safe #845vibe

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